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Yaron Bareli – Studio Roma

I create things that have never been built before. I build prototypes, mechanical props, and custom-made items. I conceptualize, plan, and build or manufacture with anything at my disposal and in all forms of media.


My projects combine mechanical, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic systems. I am particularly fond of plastic, but also work with iron, wood, aluminum, rubber, fabrics and, well, all other materials.

I was born and raised in Israel by parents who are craftsmen and free thinkers. Creating since I was a kid, I was always interested in inventions, in mechanisms and in artistic depiction of the natural world. I did not quite fit into any schooling system and found that the best way for me to learn is through hands-on experience and by randomly absorbing knowledge from my surroundings. And from TV!

Yaron Bareli
Yaron Bareli

I share my life with Daniela and with our four self-made, uniquely designed super-beings. To me, life, art and craft are one and the same. I run my studio as I live my life, with “outside the box” thinking and a zero-fluff approach.

Today, after over a decade running my own studio, I'm still looking for new ways to deploy my various skills in executing my projects. I constantly seek new technical, conceptual and artistic challenges, which is why I specialize in “one-offs”, creating an entirely different item with every project.

My work in a nutshell:

Some more about me:

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