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Biblical Figures

A motion presentation of biblical stories

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Various biblical scenarios are played out using mechanized figures and objects: Moses and the burning bush (time coordinated with narration – the bush moves and lights up, Moses falls to his knees), a 12-meter-long convoy of Israelites (people and livestock) "walking" a circular path, man figure lifts up a 5 meter ladder, a triple-barrel air cannon shooting "quail" puppets to look as if fallen from the sky.


The figures and scenery were sculpted with polystyrene foam and PVC plastic frames covered in fabric and painted. Mechanical elements and moving parts were integrated into each scenario. The automatic elements had to be connected to a pre-existing program on site and the entire moving apparatus had to be timed in sync with the show – this was done by DMX. The traveler's train is led in a circular rout by a stage worker driving an electric cart disguised as a camel.


The Garden of Bible Stories, Ariel, since 2014

More about this
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