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Community Center Bench

Ferrocement structure hang-out spot

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This project was the fruit of a collaboration between the community center of the Shapira Neighborhood in Tel-Aviv and a number of municipal authorities and non-profit organizations, led by the artist Eytan Shouker. Meetings with local boys and girls at the neighborhood's youth club were held in order to understand and design a structure that would support their activities at the club. The teens wanted a gathering point, allowing them to chat, play music and watch Soccer games. The site that was chosen was therefore an area to the side of the Soccer field and, together with the kids, we created a structure: a bench with a double-deck balcony.



Pre-building meetings were held with the youths to finalize the concept and the design. Ferrocement was chosen as the building method so that everyone can participate in the building process, and to achieve a "flowing" shape. Foundations were dug and cast and a metal frame was put atop, so as to dictate the final shape of the bench. The outer skin was then covered with expending iron mesh and then with concrete. A group of local graffiti artists was invited to paint over the finished bench.


The Community Center in 27 Yisra'el mi-Salant street, Tel Aviv, 2012-2013

More about this
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