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"Discard after Use"

A kinetic interactive piece

More about this

More about this


A “flower” made out of syringes, positioned on a heavy base with a handle. Pulling the handle opens and closes the flower. The piece was created as part of the “NON STIGMA” project, a collaboration between artists and people dealing with schizophrenia. It was created following a dialog with Alexandra V, and was displayed with a text she wrote.


The base and the mechanism were built of wood, the handle transferring a red fluid to the syringes, thereby expanding and contracting the assembly in a closed hydraulic system.


The “NON STIGMA” exhibition was shown in a conference of the Israel Psychiatric Association which took place at Bar Ilan University. In December of 2011 it was displayed at an exhibition that was open to the general public in the Amiad center in Jaffa.

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