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Doctor Dolittle

Puppet mechanisms for theater

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    Photos by Baruch Rafic


Design and fabrication of different animal puppets for a theater show of "Doctor Dolittle". The Mechanisms were incorporated in each animal to allow specific moves and gestures: walking, talking, head movements, wing spreads etc., along with a hidden mechanism that allows the seal to balance a spinning ball on his nose. The animals were designed to be operated on stage by a visible puppeteer. Built in collaboration with Roni Vagner, responsible for all "skin" design and work.


The animals' skeletons and mechanisms were made primarily from polyethylene pipes, nylon reinforced strings and nails for hinges. The parts were shaped by hand, primarily by heating and bending the material.


The Mediatheque Theatre for Children and Youth, Holon, December 2019

More about this
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