Golf Buggy

The transformations of a prop-car

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A '94 club car bought, fixed and reinvented several times as a stage prop: circus car with a pop-up top and a wagon; giant mechanical dragon; pink vintage-style "villain's car"; red sports car emerging out of a "catering van"; and finally – a slick white roadster. Built in collaboration with Roni Vagner.


The base vehicle is a 1.2 meter over 2.2 meter. wheelbase electric golf cart (club car). The coverings were sculpted from polyethylene foam, covered with fabrics and painted over, assembled around a frame built from plastic or metal pipes. The mechanics were integrated into the design. Each design was tailored to run in a specific show and had its own challenges – from hidden doors to allow easy access for the actors to an on-board crane assembly that could elevate an entire 8 meter dragon along with a passenger to a height of 3 meters.


The creations were displayed and used in the "Festigal", an annual musical show for children, Each design in a different show between 2014 and 2017. The dragon was also showcased at the 2015 Mini-Maker Fair held in the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, and at the 2015 Purim parade in the city of Ashkelon. The white roadster was used for making special entrances to high-end events and celebrations.