"Thoughts of Immigration"

A kinetic statue, independent project

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A mechanical bird, mounted on a self-leveling crane, balanced against the weight of its operator. The operator controls the bird's wing flap, neck movement and beak electrically, While the bird's height and tilt are controlled mechanically. The crane assembly is mounted on a moving car. This allows the bird to have full mobility, making it suitable for a parade or a carnival. The bird also has an interactive mode in which it is attached to a stationary leg and is wired to a control panel, allowing the audience to operate its wings, head and beak, while controlling the wings' speed. It is in that configuration that the bird has been displayed in exhibitions and events


I started the bird project with a study of the wing movement. I built a full-size mockup and adapted it to fit an old industrial motor I had. I then derived the measurements for the gear  from the mockup and had the gears manufactured from wood, according to my specs. The bird's head, body and feathers were manufactured by hand from foam polyethylene and PVC. Two linear actuators were incorporated in the bird's body for the neck movements. Continuing with the recycling theme, the back windshield wiper of the crane's car was mechanically adapted and set as the beak's motor.


Built in 2018, throughout 2019 was displayed in a communal festival in the Hefer Vally, in the "Sexthetica" art exhibition in Tel-Aviv and in the annual Mini Maker Faire in Jerusalem (Held by the global "Make" community and hosted by the Bloomfield Science Museum).