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Two Semi-Artificial Trees

Large scale display elements

More about this

More about this


Two trees were built for two separate projects: a light-weight construction of an 8-meter-tall tree, displayed on an elevated platform in a national ceremony,  and a 10-meter-tall tree used in a reality show as a prop, holding a swing and “falling down” after a “storm”.


The trunk and branches were made from iron pipes, and were designed to disassemble for transport and reassemble on location. The iron frame was covered with polyethylene foam, carved to resemble tree bark. Some 6,000 individual branches of Ruscus were woven into the iron branches.


One of the trees was commissioned for display at the national ceremony celebrating Israel’s 70th Independence Day, held in April of 2018. The other tree was part of a street-set in the production of the “2025” reality show, featured from February to April of 2019.

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