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Viking Ship

Carnival float by the Democratic School in Hadera

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The decision to build a Viking ship from recycled materials was made in the democratic school in Hadera. The ship was built to represent the school in the annual Purim parade. The entire project was carried out by volunteers and was set up as an open workshop in the school's main yard. Parents, teachers and students of all ages were invited to take part in the gathering of materials and in the building process. The project was run in collaboration with Roni Vagner.



The main hull-frame was welded on top of a metal wheeled-frame base, supplied by the city of Hadera. Polyethylene pipes were intertwined and reinforced with rubber taken from inner-tubes to make the body of the boat. Oars made of PVC were suspended to create a unified rowing movement by a single operator. The ship was made out of nearly 100% reused materials – all collected in and around the school.


Built for the 2014 Hadera Purim Parade; also displayed at the 2014 Jerusalem Mini-Maker fair at the Bloomfield Science Museum 

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