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Mesh Projection Screens

A retracting memorial column

More about this

More about this


An expanding cylinder-construction, designed as a semi-transparent projection screen for a national ceremony. Used as a central stage element during the memorial service, on which symbols and portraits of the fallen were projected.


The column was constructed from three iron rings (a 6-meter-diameter double-ring at the top, and a single 10-meter-diameter ring at the base). The rings were connected by a 12-meter-long custom made nylon mesh. At the end of the memorial service, the bottom ring was retracted towards the top ring by 4 electric pulleys and the entire construction was then swung off the stage by a 70-meter crane.


Displayed at the national ceremony commemorating Israel’s 70th Memorial Day, held on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem, in April of 2018. The construction was later on reused in building the “Tower of Babel” in September of 2018, and again as a tunnel-like doorway to an outdoor festival in October of 2019.

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